Would you like to be a Char's Creations Brand Ambassador?

Thank you so much for your interest in being a brand ambassador for Char's creations. I am so excited to have you joining the team and really appreciate your love of the products. Below are the terms and examples on being an ambassador and creating social media content. 

Step 1: visit the website and select the items in which you were directed to obtain or are interested in representing in order to create content. Use coupon code CCAMBASSADOR to receive the items for free valued up to $30. You will only be responsible for the shipping cost.

Step 2: Once items are received, please notify us with a text, call or email to 480-493-1192 or info@shopcharscreations.com so we can set up a time for a quick chat about your content creation. But please read the rest of the terms below first. 

Step 3: Now Let's get started with creating some content. The ideal of a brand ambassador is to create visual and audio content for other perspective customers. Below is the content I expect to receive from you and examples as well to help you out along the way. And feel free to be creative and throw in some flair of your own. 

-Make sure the environment is well lit with either natural light or ring light or flash on the camera/video phone.-Make sure you're shooting environment is free of any other products that are not Char's Creations related or at least not closely visible in the shot or video.-Make sure you're shooting environment is neat and organized and relatable to what it is that you are capturing. For example if you are using soap or shower gel you're attire should be a robe and or a towel, shower cap, towel hair wrap, turbine, etc.  And in a bathroom or bedroom setting.

After taking still pictures it's a good idea to immediately start shooting videos while you are actually using the product

*15-20 Pictures 

-Why so many? You will be getting different angles with multiple products. 15-20 pictures it's easy to capture. 

Example of shots:

- Holding the product in your hands. Close up only and with showing yourself as well. 

- Having the product sitting nearby you on a sink, tub,. Shower, counter, near plants or green grass, floor, bed, beach, sand, etc.

- Applying and using the product (face, arm,leg, hair, wash cloth, show puff, face brush, etc.

- Show how you store the product (in the shower, on your bathroom counter, in your purse and or book bag, etc.)

*5-7 videos 

- Applying and using the product (face, arm,leg, hair, wash cloth, show puff, face brushetc. Without speaking

- Using the product and giving a review on it (face, arm, leg, hair, Etc.) This is almost the same thing as applying the product except you are now giving commentary on what it is that you like about the product. Give description as to smell, texture, feel, effectiveness, Etc. Basically give your review about the product and what's happening at the time that you are using it. And or how it has helped you- show how you store the product  (in the shower, on your bathroom counter, in your purse and or book bag, etc.) And talk about why it is that you do this. Eg. Its convenient during your morning/night routine. You like to reapply in between hand washing, you like to freshen up after the gym with a little fragrance, you keep one in the car as air freshener, etc.

Please send all pictures and videos via Facebook Messenger to: Charvalia Lovett.

Content must be created and submitted within 21 days or products will need to be paid for. And an invoice will be sent and need to be paid.


Happy Creating